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 flow chart

Give a Gift
  1. Search for a member on our registry, or fill out some basic information for a non-member you want to give a stock gift to
  2. You will have the option to give stock as gift, or fund someone's stock brokerage account with cash for them to choose their own stock to buy
  3. If you choose to give stock as a gift, you will choose the stock and the dollar amount you would like to give
  4. Pay by Credit Card - we will give you the total of the exact amount you want to give plus any fee's (your credit card will be authorized to pay this amount at a future date)
  5. You will receive an email confirming your order
  6. wait for gift recipient to "pick up gift"
  7. When recipient opens a brokerage account with JH Darbie & Co.and picks up the gift from, your credit card is then charged the authorized amount, and an email is sent to the gift giver confirming the gift (the stock is purchsed in the gift recipient's stock brokerage account held at JH Darbie & Co.

Receive a Gift

  1. "Pick up gift" - Fill in all membership information
  2. Open a brokerage account with J.H. Darbie & Co., if not already completed
  3. Once your brokerage account is opened, we will charge the gift givers credit card the authorized amount and deposit the funds in your account. The stock gift is bought in your name, and placed in your account or if the gift giver did not choose a stock for you then you can place an order for any stock of your choice in your JH Darbie & Co. brokerage account whenever you are ready
  4. email is sent to gift recipient and gift giver, comfiming the order, describing how many shares were bought

help center is not a securities broker/dealer. We are a gift registry and data storage provider. All brokerage accounts and securities transactions will be handled by J.H. Darbie & Co. a member of the FINRA - SIPC - MSRB.