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  • We offer the ability to buy a stock as a gift for any occasion.

  • One low gift service fee with no hidden costs.

  • We have easy payment options by credit card via the Internet or by phone.

  • A customized card comes delivered near the date of the occasion.

  • We are not online brokers, we are a gift service for stocks. We offer the ability for anyone to open a brokerage account at no cost.

  • We have created a stock registry that lets you create your own registry page on our website and we help you send out emails, notifying friends and families of future possible stock gift ideas.

  • The special importance for children. To help teach them about stock and help them create a stock portfolio so when they become adults they will have some financial security.

  • Turn the stock market into a gift market for people of all ages.

help center is not a securities broker/dealer. We are a gift registry and data storage provider. All brokerage accounts and securities transactions will be handled by J.H. Darbie & Co. a member of the FINRA - SIPC - MSRB.