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Our Story

One day I wanted to purchase $100 worth of stock for my younger brother's birthday. This gift would allow him to begin learning about stock and the stock market while teaching him how to invest in stock of his own.

While I was trying to find an easy and simple way to purchase stock for my brother, I was bothered that there was not an easy way to do it. I am an owner of two brokerage accounts and I happen to be very Internet-savvy, but I could not figure out how to buy the stock in his name in a cost-effective and timesaving manner. Of course I could buy him the stock in my own name and present my brother with a certificate. Between the high cost of such a process and the hassle of first putting it in my name and then changing it to his name would only have taught him a lesson in how not to invest. The actual certificate seemed to be anti-climactic to the process of buying a stock, especially when it would have been in my name.

All of these problems were soon forgotten when I decided to start a company that would help with this process. So I started Now anyone and everyone is able to purchase stock for family and friends placing it directly into an account in their own names. The gift process will include personalized cards delivered to them.

All recipients will be able to open an account with JH Darbie & Co., a registered FINRA Broker/Dealer. JH Darbie & Co. will provide full online access to their accounts. Please visit for additional information and fees. I have designed for people to be able to have this account for any and all gifts of stock that they will receive in the future. is perfect for family members, groups of friends, and colleagues in the workplace. has even made it easy for people to create their own stock registry so that you can request specific stocks for a birth of a child, any birthday, graduation from high school and college, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and any other reason that you can think of.

Now has taken on many new services to help the gift giving process as easy and simple as possible. We will always be doing more for our customers. was created to provide the service of being able to act as a middleman between the gift givers and the gift receivers, and will be there to manage all tax issues and extraneous elements of the process.

Enjoy - Ari Gruenspecht, President

Management Team

Ari Gruenspecht: President, Co-Founder -
Robert Rabinowitz: Chief Executive Officer - JH Darbie & Co.

help center is not a securities broker/dealer. We are a gift registry and data storage provider. All brokerage accounts and securities transactions will be handled by J.H. Darbie & Co. a member of the FINRA - SIPC - MSRB.